Sehr kompetenten und fähiger Schiatsu Masseur mit großartigem Einfühlungsvermögen in die Beschwerden der Klienten!

    – Mag. art. Branko Andric

    „Shiatsu rescued me in one of the hardest times of my life, I could say that “it fixed my broken heart” I have been on a journey of self knowledge and especially self love and I can say by my own experience: if you love yourself and the others around you, give yourself the gift of “me” time, becaus it is very important to be in balance with your body, energy, and soul. In every shiatsu session David takes his time to ask before what you need, after the shiatsu you get advice for food or herbs to take and he teaches you some acupuncture points to do at home to yourself and to your loved ones that helps a lot with many different health issues, totally recommended!“

    – Andrea Munoz

    „I have known David for years now and have been going to his Shiatsu treaments since January 2023 on a regular basis (once a week) and I am very happy to have decided to go to his place every week. He does the treatments at his home, which I find very comfortable and which has a special touch and energy. David has a unique technique in doing his Shiatsu massages, he also has a masculine, as well as a feminine side and energy, which I felt I needed and would do me good. Hence, I am very satisfied with the so far outcome or positive change I have been experiencing within myself. Sometimes a lot of emotions came out I didn’t expect or wasn’t ready to deal with, but David always assistet me on dealing with them and I felt it easier to cope after discussing things with him. I like David’s style of treatment (together with music in the background)  and been very much intrigued with his knowledge of the practice, as well as the care and attention he takes of one person. I enjoy our common interests and sometimes long talks about everything related to Shiatsu massages, TCM, spirituality and much more…have a try!“

    – Jelena Spasic

    „I wanted to go for a Shiatsu massage for a long time, but unfortunately, I never had the money. When David opened the possibility of spring-free treatments, I contacted him and hoped he would say yes. And it happened, I went to the first treatment tired, emotionally closed, and rather absent-minded about which points on my body are important, and which parts of the body carry a lot of emotions and burdens. Well, it happened to be my whole body. After several treatments, I feel that I am slowly getting to know myself, that I am a better person, that my element is fire, and that my body and my whole being are ready for a transformation. Thanks, David.“

    – Zoe Gudovic

    „I had several shiatsu sessions with David, and I had amazing experiences with him. He took his time when working with me, asking questions not only about what we needed to work on but also about my general well-being. David also explained to me what work he would do during each session. The whole process was very conversational with a lot of care, and if you are lucky, you may receive a goody bag with some teas. I highly recommend him.“

    -Mzamo Nondlwana

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